Vyzex Kiwi-106 Public Release Date

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Vyzex Kiwi-106 Public Release Date

Testing of the Vyzex Kiwi-106 editors for Windows and Mac had to take a backseat to two days of feature additions to the Kiwi-106 firmware - Now that those extra powers have been woven into the hardware and double checked with the newly extended software we are resuming the test for release process today. We plan to have the software download installers posted by Friday the 13th of December, barring any other additions to the firmware/hardware.

Details of the additions to Kiwi-106 will be posted along with the editor downloads. Until then, please stand by for more news and media as we've got audio demos and video content coming in the meantime.

Psicraft Don
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Hey everyone, on behalf of the team I want to express our regrets for not having editor builds ready today: We've been working extensively with Kiwitechnics to ensure first class integration between the software and hardware and along the way the firmware has had to morph to suit. Testing of the changes has taken up our main time budget so we are a little behind. We're hoping for Monday the 16th at this point.


When does it look like this will be coming out?

The 16th was missed. Any idea when this is going to be available?

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Any idea when...?

Hi K,

You are correct: We overhauled the sequencer and clock system fairly extensively to add some important capabilities/features and this was a pretty large change to the firmware/hardware. As a result we've been working over Xmas and the holidays to shake out the consequences, update all the documentation and basically make things excellent.

We're chasing down the final threads now (and adding one final enhancement TBA). Hopefully we'll be able to post the v1.01 editor/firmware distribution later today or tomorrow (New Year's Day).


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Version 1.01 Posted for Download

Built on the 1st day of 2014, here are the download links for version 1.01 of Vyzex Kiwi-106.



Please report any issues here or start up a new topic in the appropriate forum. Enjoy!

The Psicraft and Kiwitechnics Teams

still for XP?



So i've downlaoded the Windows editor a few times now and each time I am unable to Extract the .Zip file. It always says its "invalid or corrupted." Is this because I'm still using Windows XP? Has this happend for anyone else? Is there an XP friendly editor I can get? Thanks! J


Looks like using a different browser was all it took to allow me a proper download and installation. Thanks!  -J

New version of OS expected soon?

Just wondering when the next release of the editor and firmware are expected. As I said before, I would be happy to volunteer to test this out. My demo video is already on your home page ;-)

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^ yes, it's been very quiet

^ yes, it's been very quiet here lately! Would love to know some sort of ETA - and as I mentioned elsewhere in this forum, I'd also be happy to test.

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Quiet is good... ;-)

We're not ignoring you guys - Just very busy dealing with getting the free v2.00 firmware and software update done. As we said before I will email you both personally when we are ready to start pre-release testing of both so you can participate.

Things are coming along, but development times are typically resistant to project manager deadlines. Your understanding is appreciated.


Thank you for the latest

Thank you for the latest download links. Somehow it does get stuck at 92% for me. I have tried with  Chrome and IE. Anybody else facing similar error or is it just me ? I am gonna try again in next couple of hours just to make sure it is not one of those temporary network glitch.


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