Packrat's Patches: The Conversion

In this video, our friend Syntegrator converts the patches backed up from Dave C. Lovelace's original Juno-106 into their equivalent Kiwi-106 patches by connecting TWO Psicraft editors running on different computers together...


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is it possible to convert sysex patch coming from my hardware Juno in kiwi106 patch ?

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Hi Julien,

Convert Sysex Juno Patch?

This is what the Kiwi-106 editor does: Any patches sent from a stock Juno-106 will be automatically converted into Kiwi-106 format. This means you can download the Vyzex Kiwi-106 editor and run it with your stock Juno-106 connected to backup all your Juno-106 patches in Kiwi-106 format as a 'Set' file. Then, once your 106 has been upgraded, Vyzex Kiwi-106 can open the saved Set file and Sync them back to the new machine that your 106 will have become. Of course, you'll have 6 other groups of patches to work with once that happens, so there is plenty of room for new creations.

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whaoo thanks ! that worked great, so easy and fast :)
i had to disable IAC Driver in Audi midi setup as there was a sort of loopback.