[Kiwi-106 Website Users] Version 1.03 of Kiwi-106 firmware and Vyzex Kiwi-106 editor now posted.

Version 1.03 of the Kiwi-106 firmware and Vyzex Kiwi-106 Editor have now been posted for download.

This firmware and software update adds VELOCITY SENSITIVITY to the Kiwi-106 Sequencer and Sequence editor, a very cool feature!

The download pages have been updated to host the new versions.

When you first run the new Vyzex editor, it will scan your Kiwi-106 firmware and begin the Firmware Update Wizard. Follow the instructions and
your instrument will be upgraded to the latest release firmware (v1.03).

The release notes on the update pages explain the latest additions and fixes.

The URLS to visit are:




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